We’ve got everything a brand needs to succeed. From launch intelligence to market development insights, from reach of the product to the spread of dependable word of mouth, from distribution across Pakistan to dependable retail management, we can cover it all for you as a reliable partner.

Sales and Marketing

  • Professionally trained marketing staff.
  • Rich experience in launching, promoting and marketing of a diversified range of products.
  • Sound financial standing.
  • Superior IT based reporting systems and SOPs.
  • In-house survey team for exploring new opportunities in business.
  • Strong follow-up with customers.
  • Have multiple layers of checks for implementations of strategies.
  • We have capability of functioning country wide bases.

Institutional Business

Besides promotion and marketing, Denovo has professional specialized distribution network.

We are well versed with the institutional and tender business which includes.

  • Tender Business.
  • Product inclusion in formularies.
  • LP Business.
  • Zakat and Bait-ul-Mal.
  • Departmental Hospitals.

Dedicated, Experiences and well trained KAM( key account managers ) teams.

Retail Business

Extensive retail and wholesale coverage.

Cold chain is being maintained.

Sophisticated infrastructure Ensuring fool proof services to:

  • Chain Pharmacies
  • Private Hospitals
  • Patient Supplies

Event Management

We have expertise in event management, We have arranged many events in coordination with , PAUS, PSN, TSP, UHS, Punjab university, Sargodha University, University of Lahore and Nabi Qasim Pharmaceuticals etc.