Denovo is an equal opportunity organization. With exceptional service levels and personalized support Denovo in a very short span of its inception, that is 2015, has become one of the most renowned and leading distribution house in its domain. Denovo has very quickly become known as very successful distribution network in Punjab. Denovo has all the resources and professional staff to extend service to the customers’ country wide.


Denovo Pharma is my belief, a unique philosophy and a completely different perspective. If we employ the principle of sympathy with ailing humanity in our working as well as in our daily lives then I am sure we can make all our dreams come true. It is also my belief that providing high-quality health care to patients and consumers around the world in a suitable manner is society’s greatest challenge.

However, it is also the greatest hope for a better future for every individual, every family, every community and every country.

Denovo Pharma was established in 2015 by a team of visionary professionals with very rich experience of pharmaceutical marketing, sales, training, supply chain and distribution. The passion and mission of Denovo is to provide health care services to the humanity with high quality products and services at the affordable price. Everyday Denovo is working to help people everywhere live longer, healthier and happier lives.

At Denovo this mission is being carried out by a God fearing, highly devoted and fully committed team, with great success. The zealous and untiring team of Denovo works day and night in the pursuit of their mission. Denovo team is highly conscious of the quality of the products and services. At Denovo sophisticated storing, goods delivery system and cold chain system Is maintained which is strictly in accordance with the recommendations of Ministry of Health, Pakistan.

Denovo Pharma procures the products and extends services from number of quality conscious pharmaceutical and medical devices manufacturers like Novartis, ICI, B-Braun, Nabi Qasim, Biotest, Surge and Roche besides many other quality conscious companies for the marketing and distribution arrangements


Dr. Waqas Zeb

Managing Director

Timely, quick and right decision making is the only way to successfully survive in the competitive environment of Pakistan market. We make all the endeavors to steer Denovo to the most profitable direction by implementing its vision and mission to achieve the short and long term goals. We apply strong crisis management skills to drive the company in the time of need.

Shahid Raflque

Director & CFO

We are fully aware of the fact that in the face of fierce competitive market, it is of paramount importance to keep looking for nevtf investment opportunities. We at Denovo are undertaking and investing in many new projects. Denovo adapts to the fast changing investment environment, thus ensures success, viability and profitability in all old and new business initiatives under Denovo Group. This keeps Denovo in the leading role in the market in its sphere of business.

Faisal Hussain

Director sales and Marketing

Through our rich experience, innovative approach, professional teams and strong infrastructure we endeavor to provide customers and principals the highest level of sevices. We take pride in adhering to ethical busimess practice and also recognize our responsibility to the society as good corporate citizen

Adnan Muzaffar

Head of IT and Supply Chain (Pharmaceutical & Consumer)

World is shrinking day by day with advancement of technology. Customers expectations are also increasing and companies are prone to more and more uncertain environment. The IT field evolving and developing everyday. New technologies in computers and mobile devices are shaping the way the world communicates with one another and gets work done. The strategic and technological innovations in supply chain will impact on tiow organizations buy and sell in the future.

Amjad (Advocate High Court)

Legal Advisor Denovo Pharma

In the corporate environment today legal advisor has great responsibilities on him. In this capacity I look forward to provide high quality advice to the organization on the major legal issues and problems. I fully realize my responsibility for formulating the best possible legal solution after analyzing the legal problem in depth, to provide the much needed legal assistance while dealing with some particular legal tasks, litigations, contracts, dispute resolution and guide the company on taking the appropriate decision. As such the legal advisor needs to handle a multitude of responsibilities.